Screenwave Media Games and Mokuzai Studios have announced that the third entry in the challenging retro platformer LOVE franchise will launch on Switch on December 7th.

The cunningly titled LOVE 3 will include every level from LOVE, LOVE 2: kuso, and a remastered version of the original game, just in case you've missed out on the series up until this point.

The hook with these tricky little minimalist platformers is a focus on super-challenging gameplay and a unique custom respawn mechanic that lets players choose freely where they wish to spawn after death, adding a touch of self-controlled strategy as to how you make it through the game's obstacle-strewn levels.

The official PR blurb goes into a little more detail:

With a minimalist aesthetic evocative of retro titles, LOVE 3 immediately announces itself as an addictive and modern challenge for today’s gamers. You control fiveEight, a lone survivor searching for others in a mechanical, apocalyptic world, through 25 precision platforming levels of cogs, spikes, keys, bumpers, and beyond. What you find in the overlooked corners of these levels will influence fiveEight’s ultimate fate, so make sure to leave no step, switch, or meandering path unturned regardless of the obstacles in your way.

Will you be diving into some super-challenging minimalist retro action when Love 3 lands this December? Let us know below.