What's old is new, which is no bad thing when retro-style games combine treasured old gameplay styles with flashy modern visuals. We've seen a steady flow of 3D platformers in that vein over recent years, bringing to mind classics but in lovely HD.

Another making its pitch in this genre is Kukoos - Lost Pets, developed by Brazilian studio PetitFabrik and apparently 'coming soon' this Autumn / Fall. You can check it out in the trailer above and some PR blurb below:

  • Cute n’ Cuddly Creatures: A bright, colorful, and super adorable aesthetic permeates the world and its quirky inhabitants
  • Golden Era Inspiration: A platforming adventure reminiscent of golden-era classics like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie
  • Biomes, Biomes, Biomes!: Journey across beautiful and epic environments like ancient temples, lush forests, and of course, ice cream mountains and haunted pizzerias
  • Become a Digital Ace Ventura: Meet and befriend five distinct pets, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay styles

It looks pretty darn good, drawing ideas and inspiration from a rather wide range of sources. This footage will be of the 'best' version of course, but hopefully the Switch iteration will be reasonably good.

One for the wishlist?