Pop Flamer's SG-1000 box art in Japan
Image: via Sega Retro

Hamster's Arcade Archives release for the Nintendo Switch this week is the 1982 Jaleco action game, Pop Flamer.

As the player, you'll take control of the "Pop Flamer" - a mouse with a flamethrower - to defeat monsters. You'll need to refuel your flamethrower by popping balloons, as the flames get weaker each time this weapon is used.

Although this title began life in the arcades, it was also brought across to Sega's SG-1000. You can see the box art for this version in the image above. And below are some screenshots of the Nintendo Switch release:

This game arrives today on the Nintendo Switch and is available for $7.99 USD or your regional equivalent. Will you be adding this one to your home menu? Tell us down in the comments.