Hey, remember that Make-A-Wish nightmare burger restaurant that a kid made in Minecraft? If not, that sentence probably seems pretty wild, but the point is that Happy's Humble Burger Farm is that nightmare burger restaurant made reality. Or virtual reality, at least, because it's a video game.

The first-person horror game has a bunch of the hallmarks of spooky times: blood, mould, unsettling music, and creepy mascots. You'll be managing the restaurant, doing all the tasks you'd expect, from taking out the trash to fulfilling customer orders. But ohohoho, you won't get off that easily — you're working the night shift, after all, and Happy (the creepy cow mascot) is hard to please.

There's a story mode, an endless mode, and the option to leave the restaurant and explore New Elysian City, where you can pawn things off for extra cash.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm will be out on the Nintendo Switch and all other current-gen platforms some time at the end of this year.