Mimikyu Jumper
Image: Pokémon Center

Back in our day, patterned knits were reserved for Christmas and grandmas. These days, every holiday (at least, the ones not in summer) have their own jumpers, and that includes Halloween, a holiday that's literally supposed to be about wearing non-normal clothes.

However, if it's spooky couture you're looking for, then you'll be glad to know that the Pokémon Center is once again trotting out its Ghost-types for the upcoming trick-or-treat season, with purple and pumpkins galore:

Mimikyu features prominently on the Pokémon Halloween clothing, and you could probably get away with re-wearing the jumper for Christmas, as long as your family doesn't mind your version of Santa looking a little skew-whiff.

Tiny pumpkin-themed plushes feature the underrepresented Dreepy (albeit a slightly nightmarish version), as well as slightly larger starter Pokémon plushes and a Snorlax who ate all the Halloween candy.

There are also a few plastic sets, including one with a massive inflatable Lickitung (which is not actually inflatable, it's just sculpted that way).

If you fancy dressing up for Halloween, you can find this collection on the Pokémon Center website... but we'll still be dressing up as the Among Us crewmates, thanks.