Epic, that plucky underdog that courageously fights corporations with even more billions of dollars in the bank, has confirmed another big-name collaboration for Fortnite. This time it isn't another notable game brand, or a Hollywood star, but rather a high fashion brand.

Rolling out at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern today (20th September) is a 'digital fashion' collab with Balenciaga. Being the cheap t-shirts from a supermarket type we had to look up details on the fashion house, which is headquartered in Paris and at last count had over 1300 employees globally.

The range will have various outfits, bags, pickaxes and more to get for free, earn or buy. The game is also adding a Strange Times Featured Hub for a week starting on 21st September, where you can pose and try to complete challenges.

Amazingly Balenciaga has real-life versions of the fashion for sale, which are primarily rather plain hoodies, hats and more. Viewing the store page from the UK we can see that a hoodie is £550 and a cap is £295; a bit more expensive that popping down the local shops for a new hat.

Strange Times indeed...

[source epicgames.com]