If you are a fan of the Chibi-Robo! games and would like to see more titles like this, one to watch is Misc. A Tiny Tale by the small indie game developer Tinyware Games. It'll be arriving on Switch in 2022.

It's a story-driven 3D platformer "collectathon" "heavily inspired" by Nintendo's robot series, Pikmin, Banjo-Kazooie and even Toby Fox's Undertale. You'll go on an adventure with two tiny robots named Buddy and Bagboy who are made up of miscellaneous items. As you hop through each chapter, you'll meet a quirky cast of characters - all while collecting cogs and items to help bots around you.

If you're eager to see what this game is like ahead of release, there's a demo available now on Steam. Would you be interested in this kind of game? Leave a comment down below.