Boulder Dash, the 1984 Atari classic that's been ported to just about every platform under the sun over the years (as well as spawning some twenty two sequels and redesigns, including Boulder Dash-XL 3D on the 3DS), is set to hit Switch this Friday in the form of Boulder Dash Deluxe.

This all-new take on the seminal maze puzzler sees the return of a rather different looking Rockford, as he blasts his way through a ton of new levels set across a bunch of brand new worlds, including one designed by original Boulder Dash creator, Peter Liepa, no less.

As you can see from the trailer above, this new edition updates the graphical style, giving things a glossier vibe (although we'll reserve judgement on whether it's 'better' or not), but does still seem to, more or less, feature the exact same addictive gem-collecting action at its core. The game also comes bundled with the original 1984 version, so you can relive some long lost childhood memories if you don't care for the new look. Although, if your childhood was the early 1980s, you should probably be very careful whilst playing because you're way too old to be playing video games. The Telegraph said so.

There certainly seems to be plenty of content to get stuck into here, as the official press release goes on to list in full:

• 180 all-new levels with advanced features!
• Includes 20 levels from the original 1984 Boulder Dash version
• 9 exciting, brand spanking new worlds with high-end graphics, having their own, unique textures, go to Macmarnua Sea or Urath Castle – or back in time to the Classic 1984 World with its caves
• 15 new special opponents like Octopus, Shark Polar bear, and Snow tiger will keep your mind agile and you on your toes.
• The Liepa World, a premium world by videogame legend Peter Liepa who returned to the game he created 35 years ago with 20 of the most mind-bending levels yet!
• Full character customization of your game character Rockford™, e.g. shirt, pants, shoes, eyewear, headgear, hair, and facial hair

There's also online multiplayer to follow in an update, according to the game's website.

Boulder Dash Deluxe smashes onto Switch this Thursday (9th September) and will set you back 129900 gems, or £12.99 in real world money.

Will you be grabbing Boulder Dash Deluxe this week? Do you like Rockford's funky new look? Let us know in the comments below.