Developer World Eater Games and publisher Pineapple Works have announced that their hybrid action adventure game Bittersweet Birthday will be released on Nintendo Switch in Q4 2022.

The news comes fresh from a successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. The game, which boasts some pretty delightful pixel art graphics, sees players attempt to uncover the origin story of a mysterious silent assassin as they're guided through an unknown world by a strange voice and a bevvy of quirky companions.

Bittersweet Birthday's gameplay involves an interesting mixture of bullet hell combat and adventure exploration and, according to the official press release, every encounter with enemies here will develop into a unique fighting situation. Likening their game to Undertale, Deltarune and Zero Escape (no pressure there, then), the PR blurb goes into some further details on what exactly players can expect when this one hits Switch late next year:

- A story of mystery, driven by endearing characters!
- Explore a lively village with friendly residents and their interlocking quests!
- Cute 2D pixel-art characters on beautifully drawn backgrounds!
- Personalize your combat style to adjust the game's difficulty!
- Multiple collectibles, exchangeable items, and mini-games!

For lots more info, screenshots and breakdowns of the mechanics of this one you should absolutely hop over to the game's IndieGoGo page, which is crammed full of juicy details.

Are you looking forward to blasting into some Birthday bullet hell action next winter? Let us know in the comments!