Mole Mania - Nintendo Life
Image: Nintendo Life

There were a lot of great games during the original Game Boy generation, but one that arguably deserves a little more love (and attention) is the 1996 release, Mole Mania.

As our very own American-based video producer Zion Grassl explains, this particular game was released in Japan the same year as Super Mario 64 and the original Pokémon games. How was it meant to compete? Even with Miyamoto and a bunch of other talented individuals behind the project, it still didn't stand a chance.

Mole Mania then got its western release in '97, and well... the situation didn't get much better, Rare's legendary FPS GoldenEye 007 arrived and Nintendo released Mario Kart 64 in this region, too.

Anyway, you get the point - Mole Mania didn't get enough attention and now Zion is giving it the spotlight it deserves. Enjoy!

Did you play this gem back in the day or were you too busy trying to become a Pokémon master or 00 agent? Was this game perhaps before you were even about? Share your thoughts and memories of this one down below.