In early June we shared details on MONARK, an upcoming JRPG that has multiple Shin Megami Tensei veterans on the development team. It's heading to Switch next year, and now NIS America has unveiled its stylish opening movie - you can check that out above.

This is definitely a game on our radar and its concept seems intriguing; if you need a refresh a story summary and the original announcement trailer is below:

You suddenly awaken in Shin Mikado Academy.

Before you is a barrier separating the campus from the rest of the outside world.

Within the academy grounds are the madness-inducing Mist, cryptic phone calls that connect to the Otherworld, and seven Pactbearers--each with their own Daemonic Authority ruled by their Egos.

To resist the irrationality surrounding you, you acquire the Authority of Vanity, a Daemonic power that subsists off of your Ego and madness

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