If you enjoyed Nexomon: Extinction when it launched on Switch last summer, you'll be pleased to know that the original game in the series is also headed to Nintendo's platform in the very near future.

Simply called Nexomon, the series' first title will be released on Switch on 17th September. Just like Extinction, this original title was also a Pokémon-alike that has you catching and evolving more than 300 monsters, engaging in turn-based battles, and more.

A new trailer has been released to celebrate the launch date news, showing off the game's combat, evolutions and more (you can check that out above). A new Nexomon t-shirt has also gone up for pre-order over at Funstock if you feel like treating yourself.

- Prequel to Nexomon Extinction, now coming to consoles for the first time!
- Build your ultimate team! Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon
- Choose your starter: 7 unique creatures to choose from
- Deep & engaging turn-based battle system
- Embark on an epic journey and explore 10 vibrant regions in the NexoWorld

We came away with mixed feelings after playing Nexomon's sequel, Nexomon Extinction, last year. In our review, we said that "it mostly succeeds in being a more deliberate and challenging take on Pokémon, but that difficulty can oftentimes come across as exhausting and artificial."

Did you enjoy Extinction? Will you be giving the original game a go, too? Let us know in the usual place.