Last year peripheral manufacturer HORI announced it was producing an accessibility controller for Nintendo Switch, the HORI Flex, and back in June we were lucky enough to try out the multifuncional Flex controller and some accessories courtesy of UK distributors Pretorian UK.

Well, the controller is now available to purchase from Inclusive TLC in the US and after various behind-the-scenes discussions, the impressive controller also has a reduced base price in both the UK and US — £149 exc VAT / $265 respectively, plus tax and shipping. Increased availability of units from Hori and discussion with distributors has resulted in a lower base price, which obviously makes the controller more attractive and accessible to players.

Our lovely senior video producer Alex-from-Nintendo-Life-here looked at the controller back in June (as you can see in the video at the top of the page) and was very impressed by the Flex's huge range of modes and adaptability potential.

We were only able to try out a small sample of the compatible accessories (which are available separately from the base controller), but distributor Pretorian UK has posted its own video highlighting the potential of a 'co-pilot' mode and the use of EyeGaze, a specialised camera which tracks where users are looking onscreen and enables them to program and activate button presses — or even continuous button presses — simply by looking at designated areas, all set up via a free app).

These 'co-pilot' controls mirror similar functionality seen with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, although the Flex's ability to mix EyeGaze with other controller functions isn't possible on Microsoft's controller. You can check out the EyeGaze in action with the Flex in Pretorian's video below, where they're demoing the set-up with some little indie game called Minecraft:

The Flex controller is available to order now in the UK and US, with distributors working to service Canada, Europe, and Australia soon. If you're interested, check out the links below for your respective territory.

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