It's been 13 years since the Game Boy Advance last saw a commercial release, but that comes to an end soon as Richard Nicol is bringing Goodboy Galaxy to the console – as well as other platforms, such as Switch and Steam.

This platform adventure game stars Maxwell, a space-age pup, who "explores unfamiliar worlds, makes strange new friends and contends with mysterious forces". Goodboy Galaxy will feature "jam-packed levels with multiple routes, 50 different characters to befriend, secret areas and hideaways to be discovered as well as a wide array of beasties to blast".

There's a demo available now, if you want to give it a spin. Nicol has already gotten the game in front of some pretty influential developers, including Supercell creative director Paul Chambers, who had this to say:

Super crazy what you have done… seriously, well done - it’s a proper love note to classics and I feel it.

Adam Vian of SFB Games (Snipperclips) adds:

It’s so polished! Everything feels great. Real charming too, I love all the characters.

The Kickstarter funding target is £18,000, of which over £3,000 has been pledged at the time of writing. Funding options include a digital version for the GBA (£18) which you can play via emulation or on a flash cart, or a downloadable version for Switch / Steam (also £18). There's also a boxed GBA cart, which comes complete with manual and stickers, all supplied by First Press Games. This will cost you £44.

We have to admit, Goodboy Galaxy certainly looks polished. Will you be backing this one? Let us know with a comment.