Battle Calculator

Remember Calculator, the £8 app that lets you put your real calculator, computer or mobile phone aside to do sums on your games console instead? Well, it now has a direct competitor.

Introducing Battle Calculator, a new game that has you using your calculation skills to do battle with your friends. In a format similar to the numbers round in the popular British game show Countdown, a randomly generated number is provided on-screen, and players must use a combination of numbers from 0 to 9 in conjunction with the add, minus, multiply, and divide functions to make that specific number.

The first person to successfully reach the number wins the round, and you can change how many wins a player needs to take victory. You can also change the size of the number you need to reach, meaning you could opt to hit something in the hundreds, or go crazy with a nine-digit monster.

The game can also be used as an ordinary calculator, which when coupled with the 'battle' element, essentially gives it a one-up over the original Calculator app. We never expected to see such a fierce rivalry in the Switch calculator category, yet here we are.

Battle Calculator is out today on the Switch eShop and costs $14.99. Will you be downloading this one?