Spiritfarer came out a year ago, which means that hopefully everyone who's played it has stocked up on tears again after sobbing them all out over Alice the Hedgehog's story. Get ready to cry again, though, as the second of ThunderLotus' character updates is here, and this one is a teeny tiny owl are you kidding me

Ahem. The Spiritfarer 2021 roadmap promised four new characters, and Lily — the giant fluffy ball of butterflies that turns out to be an important person from your past — was added earlier this year, alongside improved co-op, more story content, and quality of life improvements.

Spiritfarer Beverly Update
HUG THE TINY OWL — Image: Thunder Lotus

Now, it's time for Beverly, another new spirit who needs ferrying into the afterlife, as well as new boat buildings, collectibles, and recipes. There are also plenty more quality of life improvements, so let's check out the full patch notes:


  • New save system : you can now have 3 save slots. [Click here for more information]
  • New Station – Archive room: A place where you can store and look up old documents. Prime location to view treasure maps or Acetates.
  • Buck’s Lottery Littery reviews: Special magazines that contains a series of quests with treasure maps.
  • Radio in the Lounge: Hang out by the bar and take a listen to any of the songs from the soundtrack you’ve heard befor
  • New spicy foods have been added:
    • Laska: A delicious spicy noodle soup that will cure any cold.
    • Milquetoast: It’s just wet bread.
    • Flamin’ Firebirdz: After a bag of these bad boys, you won’t even feel your face.
    • Aloo Gobi: A vegetable delight with flavour to boot.
    • Chai Latte: A spicy drink for cold or hot days.
    • Chilaquiles: A breakfast classic for people in the know.
    • Dakgangjeong: Sweet, crispy and spicy. Three delicious words!
Spiritfarer Beverly Update
SHE'S SO TIIIINYYYY — Image: Thunder Lotus

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • You can now keep track of required materials for buildings, houses, stations and improvements inside the Captain’s log.
  • Destination queue: select up to 3 points to explore in a single travel!
  • New “Safe Travel” mode for travelling, which automatically skips events during your next travel.
  • You can enable and disable Alex’s bus station music.
  • In-game optional assistance for all Elena’s events when you fail.
  • New Watering Upgrade and visuals for Field and Garden (Quest rewards)
  • Sitting on any chair at night now enables the Stargazing mode, which hides the buildings and shows the starry night sky.
  • Added more drawings from Stanley!
  • “Going to sleep” sequence is now faster.
  • Small screenshake when you use the light burst ability.
  • Documents in Inventory: New to Old, the red appears on them to mark them as “new”.
  • New Game Options available:
    • Screenshake (scale 1-10)
    • Controller vibrations (scale 1-10)
    • Input Source (Direct Input / Raw input)
    • Text bubble size (scale 1-10)
    • Game running in background (Disabled / Enabled)
  • Improved Build mode:
    • Ship View mode: disable the UI to see your boat in full.
    • The star cursor should be bigger and is now bound to the grid.
    • Selecting a building should snap the cursor to the middle of said building.
    • Hovering over buildings shows their name in the edit/improve mode.
  • Small UI tweaks:
    • There is a “No blueprint” text display when trying improve buildings with no improvements available.
    • The “Build” button will now appear greyed out if you hover a building that you are unable to build.

Narrative Improvements:

  • Tweaked the narrative surrounding Stanley’s takeover of the Guest house:
    • A new shenanigan quest unlocks, which prompts the player to craft a new Guest house.
    • Some spirits will complain about their lack of habitation. They will also show a “hates sleeping outside” mood debuff if they are forced to sleep outside.
  • Added new narrative moments with some Spirits in some specific locations.
  • Added hints to each character’s favorite food in their dialogs.
  • Spirits now have more interactions with one another.

The changes to Gustav’s story are coming in a patch very soon, they sadly missed the boat for this content update.

Spiritfarer Beverly Update
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA — Image: Thunder Lotus

The next update — which is the biggest one — is due to launch some time this Autumn, adding two new spirits, a whole new island, new buildings and resources, and a new event. The Lily and Beverly update both launched on schedule, so we foresee the last one being on time, too.

The best part is that all of these updates are totally free for anyone who already has the game. Beverly the tiny owl and all of the above patches and updates are available on Switch right now!

[source thunderlotusgames.com]