Spiritfarer is one of those games that you can't help but call "wholesome". It's all about ferrying the dead to their final resting place, but only after completing various tasks and fetch quests that help them fulfil their last requests. Sometimes, it's something as simple as tasting a particular food again before they go; other times, it's a lot more complicated, and it will make you sob like a tiny baby.

The physical edition is quite lovely, representing the game's appealingly soft aesthetic with a 96-page art book, stickers, postcards, and the game's soundtrack, composed by Max LL.

Spiritfarer physical edition
Image: iam8bit / Thunder Lotus

Orders will be fulfilled by GAME and Amazon in the UK; Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon in the US; and in Australia, you can choose between JB Hi Fi, The Gamesmen, EB Games, and Amazon. To find out whether the game is available in your country, head to iam8bit's website and select it from the top-left menu. You'll be able to see the prices once you select the retailer, but it looks like the game on Switch will be $34.99 US, €34.99, and £29.99.