If you've been having a blast with Tikipod's Astro Aqua Kitty, which launched on Switch earlier this year, you'll be pleased to hear that a brand new update for the game is dropping today.

The update adds a brand new Arcade Challenge game mode that resembles your more traditional 2D side-scroller (make sure to check it out in the new trailer above). It's going live on Switch today and will be available for free, so as long as your game is fully updated you'll be able to dive right in:

- Jump in your new ship and drop fast into the water-filled planetoid called SNAXUS 5.
- Blast your way through its depths and extract a special golden crate rumoured to be full of snacks!
- Gain ranking by rescuing all missing recon cats.
- Extra bonus award for finishing with no damage.
- Unlock higher difficulty levels featuring extra enemies and hazards!

If you don't own the base game yet, now wouldn't be a bad time to grab it; for the next seven days, you'll find it on the eShop at 25% off.

In our full review, shared earlier this year, we said that "it’s a solid shoot-em-up, and while it doesn’t feel as immediately engaging or replayable as its predecessor, it’s nevertheless a fun ride throughout."