You know Pusheen, right? The adorable animated cat that everyone uses as emojis? This guy?

Pusheen The Cat

That's Pusheen — who's actually a girl, by the way, and whose name comes from the Irish for kitten, puisín. She was created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, and as with pretty much any cats on the internet, she became very, VERY popular. She has Funko Pops, plushies, hoodies, and even a quarterly subscription box dedicated to her, and now, she has a Nintendo Switch skin, too.

Take a look:

Well, technically, this cinnamon roll-themed skin is not the first Switch skin that Pusheen has dipped her little toe beans into, as two versions were added to the shop back in June. One features Pusheen on a pink-and-blue background, and the other is more of a gamer vibe:

There are also skins for the Nintendo Switch Lite:

Do note, though, that these are skins, not shells, which means that they're large stickers to put onto your Switch yourself, rather than replacing the entire plastic case of the console. The stickers are made of "premium-quality 3M vinyl with outer laminate reinforcement", meaning that they're resistant to scratches, water, and fading. The skin for the Nintendo Switch also comes with skins for the dock, the Joy-Cons, the grip, and the Joy-Con straps.

You can order the skins from the Pusheen shop, where the Switch skin costs $30 and the Lite skin costs $20.