Goomba Tower - Super Nintendo World
The Goomba Tower in question. — Image: Nintendo

If you've seen the pictures and videos of Japan's Super Nintendo World, or especially if you've been lucky enough to visit yourself, you'll no doubt have seen all of the lovely Super Mario-themed models and decorations dotted around the park. Sadly, earlier this week, one of these decorations took a bit of a tumble, putting a hold on the day's proceedings and kicking off an investigation.

A Goomba tower, located above the park's Yoshi ride, reportedly fell down from its lofty display sometime on 9th August. Thankfully, the tower fell into an area of the park that's inaccessible to visitors, meaning no one was hurt – except for the Goombas, presumably.

There's no footage of the incident taking place, but Twitter user @tatata77747890 has shared a clip of park staff collecting the fallen (and very heavy looking) Goomba tower and taking it away. You can see that visitors are sitting patiently on the Yoshi ride while this happens, which was temporarily paused while the Goomba evacuation took place:

The reasoning behind the Goomba tower's fall is unknown, although high winds were affecting the area at the time. Livedoor (Japanese) reports that Universal Studios Japan is investigating the cause behind the accident.

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