Masahiro Sakurai
Image: Harada's Bar

There's a lot to unpack in the first segment of Harada's Bar featuring Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai. In one part early on, Sakurai spoke about his drink of choice - Coca-Cola Zero.

Katsuhiro Harada (also known as the director of Tekken) mentioned how Sakurai should "let the public know" so he would get more Coke Zero in interviews. In response to this, Sakurai revealed how Nintendo actually prepares Coke Zero for him whenever he films a video.

Harada reiterated how he thinks it should be "well-known" but Sakurai isn't so sure about being known as the guy who only drinks Coke Zero:

"That might make me known as the guy who only drinks zero cola."

Harada laughed it off, insisting Sakurai drinks more than Coke Zero...yeah, sure! This whole conversation stemmed from a more serious chat about how Sakurai doesn't really drink water. He even acknowledged himself how odd it was:

"If I drink mineral water or tap water, I feel sick. Just half a glass of water will make me feel sick. It is odd...I don't know, it just doesn't go well with my I often drink Coca-Cola Zero."

In another part of the same video, Sakurai spoke about how he doesn't really appreciate being featured in some memes. You can see the first part of Harada's chat with Sakurai (in full) over on his YouTube channel.

What do you think of Sakurai's drink of choice? Are you fan of Coca-Cola Zero yourself? Tell us down below.