New Pokemon Snap Controller
Image: BigRig Creates

If yesterday's 'Pokédex toy being transformed into a fully functional Nintendo DS' story didn't quite cut it for you, how about a DIY camera controller built entirely from scratch?

Yes, YouTube user BigRig Creates has gone ahead and made their very own controller inspired by the camera found in New Pokémon Snap on Switch. It's not just for show, though – this thing makes use of gyro controls to replicate how a Pokémon Snap game might have felt on Wii U. Well, kind of...

The camera itself was 3D printed, primed and painted, and features a similar design to Nintendo's own Labo camera. By placing the Joy-Con controllers inside the 3D printed build and hooking them up to a third-party tool, BigRig Creates was able to make the camera turn up, down, left and right with one controller, and zoom in with the other. Check it out:

It's a great idea in theory, but as you can see, it didn't work quite as well as intended. Still, the project itself was a cracking idea and one worthy of our applause. And let's face it – if Nintendo released one of these, we'd absolutely be buying one.

Thanks to Rajib for the tip!