Pokemon Legends Arceus
Image: Nintendo / Pokémon

If you were around during the original Pokémon generation, believe it or not, but 151 monsters actually seemed like a lot back then.

People were able to name 'em all and could even recite the entire PokéRap. Nowadays, though, your chances of remembering them all are far less likely - and it's now just got even harder.

Following on from the recent Pokémon presentation which revealed new regional variants of Pokémon and brand new pocket monsters that will feature in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the webmaster of Serebii.net and Nintendo Life contributer Joe Merrick has pointed out how there are now exactly 900 "known" Pokémon.

He elaborated on this a little, explaining how this figure is based on species of Pokémon. If regional forms and alternative forms were included, the total would be around 1277 Pokémon right now.

The latest trailer showed fans two new Pokémon - the Basculin evolution Basculegion and the evolution of Stantler known as Wyrdeer. We also got to see Hisuian forms of Braviary and Growlithe. These two reveals are likely to be only the beginning of the new 'mon reveals in Pokémon Legends: Arceus as well.

Can you believe we've gone from 151 to 900 monsters (and likely more) in 25 years? What kind of new Pokémon would you like to see in the future? Share your thoughts down below.