Image: Capcom

Street Fighter's iconic leading man, Ryu, has appeared in various slightly altered states over his long and illustrious video game career, from his original red-headed form in 1987's Street Fighter to Street Fighter 2's classic variant, Fortnite's shiny cartoon character model and his recent appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, none of these relatively minor tweaks to his iconic look could have prepared any of us for how he appears when filtered through a fancy Google algorithm.

As reported by VG247, Twitter user @Siberian_644 has used Google AI to recreate the Endless Challenger, and a bunch of his Street-fighting pals, with the results turning out...well...have you had your tea yet?

Let's...let's take a look.

Eh. So, Ryu and Necalli are both looking a little bit worse for wear here, a wee bit like they might have hit the bar for a few days after their last victories.

Ryu and Necalli might be looking rough but, as you can see, both Ken and Laura are looking pretty decent, especially Laura who's actually turned out really well, is totally recognisable and doesn't appear as though she's recovering from a very long weekend.

Both Cammy and Balrog are doing just fine too, if anything Balrog looks like he's been de-aged, or maybe he just drank an entire bottle of moisturiser.

And Guile, Guile is looking absolut...he...he kind of looks like beefcake Gary Busey.

There are some absolute horrors in here too, let's have a gander at some of the worst ones.

Zangief and Gill looking know what, maybe everyone should just stay away from Zangief and Gill right now, they look they're having quite a hard time. Just quietly walk away.

Ok, we need to go lie down for a while but make sure to check out @Siberian_644's Twitter account for more of these atrocities if you don't quite feel sated.

Which of these Street Fighters made flesh were your favourites? Let us know below.

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