Pokemon GO

As countries around the world attempt to bounce back from the pandemic, Niantic has decided now is the right time to undo some Pokémon GO safety and accessibility measures tied to the pandemic.

The latest update applies specifically to America and New Zealand - with the mobile AR developer announcing at the start of this month that it would be reducing the PokéStop spin distance. In other words, players will now have to be closer to them to interact.

"Previously, PokéStop and Gym interaction distances were increased, to enable people to engage from further away. After this change the distance will revert back to the standard distance, although this may be increased during future events and as part of certain features."

It's also removed bonuses - such as increased Incense effectiveness and reduced the number of gifts you can receive from Buddy pocket monsters. Unsurprisingly, it's not gone down well with the Pokémon fanbase - with some even threatening to boycott the game until the PokéStop distance is increased again.


The Twitter account PokeMiners has also revealed how PokéStop interaction is now back to 40 meters. According to this same data, the Gym distance value has stayed the same.

In response to all of this, there's even been a Change.org petition that's now got close to 150,000 signatures - calling for Niantic to keep increased interaction distances for Stops and Gyms.

Have you been impacted by these changes? What are your thoughts about all of this? Leave a comment below.

[source niantic.helpshift.com, via dotesports.com]