During its 'Super Summer Festival' livestream, PlatinumGames' lifted the lid on its Sol Cresta arcade cabinet.

Yes, that's right - the sequel to the arcade shoot 'em-ups Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta - is getting its very own cabinet. Hideki Kamiya explained how the cabinet - which still appears to be in the early stages of development - would be appearing at next week's BitSummit event in Kyoto for media and developers to check out.

While this cabinet will only be at BitSummit to being with, Platinum hopes to make it available at many other events in the future. Beyond this, according to a translation, fans can "look forward to having these [cabinets] somewhere in the future, when things calm down a little bit". This comment was in reference to the pandemic.

Apart from this, Kamiya and the team showed off more footage of the game, which you can catch up on in the video below (see 1:47:00 for cabinet footage). Sol Cresta is still targeting a 2021 release for the Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts about Sol Cresta so far? Would you be interested in an arcade cabinet? Tell us down below.