Dugtrio Poké Lid
Image: Pokémon

By this point, we've covered Poké Lids so much that we're genuinely hoping Nintendo might notice and send us one in the post. It's unlikely, of course, because the Japan-only decorative manhole covers are very heavy and probably quite expensive — but still. We can hope.

Poké Lids in their new home
Image: Pokémon

The five newest Poké Lids were all designed for Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture, which will be the first for the area. Like many Poké Lids before them, these five feature multiple Pokémon: Aggron, Alolan Dugtrio, Duraludon, Gardevoir, Lunatone, Tropius, and Sableye.

Poké Lids
Image: Pokémon

We can't say that any of them have quite reached the heights of the last batch, which spotlighted Vulpix, but we also wouldn't say no to hanging the Alolan Dugtrio one on our walls.

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