Vulpix PL

We only found out about the Poké Lid project a few months ago, but we've fallen deeply in love with the Pokémon-themed manhole covers all the same.

These manhole covers are new takes on a traditional art in Japan: representing the beauty of the Japanese countryside in an otherwise very practical piece of round metal. The Poké Lids in particular were designed to boost tourism, and have been installed in cities and towns across the country — so if you want to see all 100+ lids, you'll have to go on a lid crawl.

The newest designs feature everyone's favourite fox-dog-thing, Vulpix, in both standard and Alolan form:

We're quite partial to the Ditto one, although we wouldn't say no to the Togekiss one, either. How much of a crime would it be to nick one and take it back with us in a suitcase, we wonder?