Image: Mojang

As we gear up for the Minecraft mega-update of 1.18 — the second part of Caves & Cliffs, which will add new types of world generation as well as the terrifying Warden mob — we also have to make sure that 1.17 works well. That means fixing all the bugs, removing all the glitches, and sandpapering off all the rough edges on Creepers.

1.17.11 isn't a terribly exciting update, but it's out now on Switch, and may fix some of the issues you've been bumping into.

Minecraft - 1.17.11 (Bedrock)


  • Players no longer die and instantly respawn after traveling back to Overworld from the End in certain circumstances
  • Players no longer die and get stuck on the respawn screen when entering an End Portal after dying in the End in certain seeds
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox when suspending and resuming the title for the second time
  • Items can no longer be duplicated using Beacons
  • Horses no longer become invisible after being dismounted
  • On Realms, the '/msg' command once again works when the world is in Survival mode and cheats are disabled
  • After renewing an expired Realm, the Realm is now properly renewed instead of a new Realm being created

Well, it's certainly no 1.17.0, but we can't complain. Especially since we might finally be able to find Horace the Horse again. He must be hungry by now.

Have you experienced any of these glitches? Did you use the Beacon dupe glitch? Let us know in the comments!

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