If you weren't already sold on Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, perhaps the news that Jet Set Radio's Beat is set to be a playable character will be enough to convince you to grab a pre-order.

That's right, the protagonist of Sega's graffiti-spraying, city-skating 2000 action hit will be rollin' right into the world of Monkey Ball this October. As Sega mentions in its announcement below, Beat will be included as a free, unlockable character from launch – it's sad that this kind of thing has to be explicitly explained these days, huh?

Sonic and Tails have also previously been confirmed to be playable, and paid DLC will also be available for the game, including one pack that actually lets you play as a Game Gear, Dreamcast, and Sega Saturn. Yes, games consoles inside balls collecting bananas. Welcome to 2021.

Are you happy at this latest Monkey Ball reveal? Will you be picking up the game when it launches on 5th October? Let us know in the comments.