Summer's almost over, but if you want to keep the sunny vibes going for just a little bit longer, you might want to check out Instant Sports Paradise on Switch.

Available from the Switch eShop and in physical form starting from tomorrow, Instant Sports Paradise is the latest minigame collection from Breakfirst Games. It features 15 beach games to enjoy in total, including sports like Archery and Bowling, minigames like Shell Hunt and Air Hockey, and activities like Fishing and a treasure hunt.

Here's a feature list:

• Explore an oasis full of history and mysteries. Blue lagoon, palm trees and hot sand… There are plenty of secrets to discover between two workouts.

• Team up, challenge your friends or try to beat your own records by breaking your limits. Up to 4 local players.

• Sportive, adventurers or Sunday players: 15 mini-games and sports activities are waiting for you! Jet ski, bowling, seaplane, wok, ice machine, table tennis and way more are here to relax

• Unlock hundreds of items and customize your characters. Amaze your friends and the islanders with surprising costumes. By the way, have you ever seen Santa Claus at the beach?

Complete with motion controls, support for up to four players and its cutesy, colourful aesthetic, the game's already giving us those warm and fuzzy Wii era vibes.

Will you be checking this one out with friends and family? Tell us below.