During its E3 event Limited Run Games announced an awesome Collector's Edition of Huntdown, the stylish run and gun title on Switch. Unsurprisingly it proved popular, selling out in under 12 hours.

In good news for those that missed out another batch of 2000 units will go on sale soon, on 10th August to be precise. Here's the original listing, and those who are eager should keep an eye on social media for a go-time; we'll keep our eyes open as well. It has all sorts of goodies in it, which you can see below.

Huntdown Collectors Edition Switch V2
Image: Easy Trigger Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Pleasingly there's also going to be a 'premium' edition that'll roll out more broadly at retailers around the world; it'll include a manual and some rather nice pins; it'll launch on 14th October.

Huntdown Collectors Edition PS4 V2
Image: Easy Trigger Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Let us know in the comments if you're planning to pick up either edition!