Garden Story

Garden Story, an adorable RPG with a protagonist who is a grape, was surprise-released during the Nintendo Indie World showcase last week, and has since been winning over the hearts of everyone (including us, though we're still working on the review!).

It does have a few minor issues that players have been experiencing, but the patches are being rolled out quickly, including today's patch 1.0.4, which adds the following fixes:

  • Unobtainable items have been removed, enabling Library and Dowsing Rod upgrade completion.
  • Fixed bug where Pagu's favor could override the dowsing rod quest step
  • Fixed bug where favor completion could clear building plots
  • Fixed bug where roll boots could interrupt dowsing minigames
  • Fixed various visual bugs
  • Fixed Waterlog puzzle gate collisions
  • Added consistency to "Bloom Bank" area name
  • Minor audio adjustments
Patch 1.0.4
Image: Picogram

On the 13th of August, patch 1.0.3 added some fixes, too:

  • Enabled Steam Screenshot function (push F12 and share your shots with the world!)
  • Fixed sequence break and soft lock where Concord could avoid bridge repair in the Rana tutorial.
  • Fixed sequence break where Concord could slip past the Waterlog guards.
  • Added visual indicator for where to trigger endgame sequence. Currently exploring other possible sequence issues in this area.
  • Fixed soft lock where Concord could get trapped in the Mists
  • Added item names to Village Storage Box.
  • Cube Coast is now labelled properly on the map.
  • Updated credits.

There's also a glitch involving players not being able to trigger the end game sequence, which the developers are currently working on.

The version on Switch is currently 1.0.1, which is the launch version; 1.0.4 will be submitted for certification on the Switch soon.