Dark Deity
Image: Sword & Axe LLC / Freedom Games

Fans of turn-based tactical RPG might want to be on the lookout for Dark Deity, developed by Sword and Axe and published by Freedom Games. The "highly-requested" Nintendo Switch version was this week confirmed for a 2022 launch.

The game apparently draws inspiration from Nintendo's Fire Emblem series and has been highly praised as a must-play for fans of this particular genre - with 30 memorable (and voiced) characters to command, over 50 unlockable classes and hundreds of weapons, spells and skills to unleash on the battlefield.

And just like Fire Emblem, there are multiple story paths and difficulty settings to take on. This also includes a built-in randomizer and a new system that reimagines permadeath. Here's a bit about it:

"Instead of removing units from the party permanently, the Grave Wounds system gives units permanent stat penalties when their health reaches zero to emulate physical injuries or mental scars. Units will have to adapt to their wounds and discover new tactics to achieve victory."

Does this like your kind of game? Would you be interested in playing the Nintendo Switch version of Dark Deity? Tell us below.