Last Light is certainly an intriguing horror game, but it's a little hard to decipher. With just a 30-second trailer and a Steam page that's largely been translated from the Japanese website, we know that the game is set in an abandoned hospital, and the main character — Lumi — will have to avoid the darkness in order to stay out of the reach of the demons who dwell within.

"If a demon finds you, don't hesitate to run," reads the Steam page. "Having the courage to flee may be your most important tactic." It looks like Lumi doesn't exactly have weapons to fend off the monsters — just a flashlight — but she will be able to find clues that help her figure out what happened to the hospital.

Last Light

Best of all, the description of the game promises that "the difficulty gradually rises as the story progresses," and that all players will be met with "an utterly despairing ending".

Last Light is out on Steam on the 26th August, with full audio in Japanese, plus subtitles in English, Chinese, and Korean. The Switch version has been confirmed, but has no release date.

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