TOEM is a rather lovely-looking game from development studio Something We Made that emerged in the Summer and featured in Nintendo's Indie World showcase a few short weeks ago. Pleasingly it now has a release date just around the corner for Switch (plus PS5 / PC), arriving on 17th September priced at $19.99USD with a 10% launch discount.

It has a gorgeous hand-drawn style and is definitely aiming to deliver a wholesome laid-back time, as you can see in the trailer above and official details below.

Set off on a delightful expedition and use your photographic eye to uncover the mysteries of the magical TOEM in this hand-drawn adventure game. Chat with quirky characters, solve their problems by snapping neat photos, and make your way through a relaxing landscape!

- Take photos with your camera to solve puzzles and help people!
- Listen to chill beats and take in your surroundings!
- Meet quirky characters and help them with their problems!

Let us know if you're planning to pick this up!