Pikmin Gummies IMG

While we would all love to see a new (and proper) entry in the Pikmin series, right now - there are no real signs of it happening.

All we've got to fall back on is Niantic's Pikmin app, which isn't even out yet, and Nintendo's re-release of Pikmin 3 on the Switch. If you're looking for something else to lift your spirits, then perhaps some Pikmin candy will help...provided you're located in Japan.

Bandai's candy division has announced a new line of Pikmin-themed gummies that look quite similar to their video game counterparts. As described by Siliconera, the packs include a grape-flavoured blue Pikmin, apple-flavoured red Pikmin, and orange flavoured yellow Pikmin. The leaf parts on each one will apparently taste like muscat grapes.

The "rarer" white Pikmin will taste like lemon and strawberry and is also apparently a little sour to match its poison abilities. Each one is about the size of a cherry tomato. Here's a better look:

These tasty Pikmin gummy packs will go on sale exclusively in Japan on September 2021 for ¥108 (about $1 USD).

[source bandai.co.jp, via siliconera.com]