'A game within a game' is a fun idea when done well, and A Night at the Races - developed by Mushy Jukebox and published by Nakana.io - aims to deliver on the premise soon on Switch eShop; it arrives on 3rd September priced at $9.99 / 9.99€.

You can get a taste for it in the trailer above; its narrative is that you've been invited to play in a clandestine tournament, and you need to win in order to 'get the prize, pay your debts, escape hell'. The game your character plays, and the leaderboards they try to top, are those that you'll engage in most of the time. You can see some specifics in the game details below.

  • A unique narrative - you play as the player, and face their challenges on and off the screen.
  • Challenging Arcade-Platformer gameplay - easy to learn, hard to master. Perfect for speedruns.
  • Online ranking leaderboards - by level and global.
  • Great playtime value - 200+ levels and additional game modes.

It looks interesting, not to mention challenging. Is this one for the eShop wishlist?