Nintendo revealed its Switch OLED with another one of those lifestyle commercials - showing people playing it in real life.

It starts off with a guy spending some time with Metroid Dread on the couch (believable), a woman by the pool enjoying the new Zelda title (again, could happen), and then we get to a man who enters his home and begins to play the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake on a wooden bench in the hallway. What?!

Marketing companies are often known for inserting some odd scenes in tech trailers, but in this case, the scene in question seems to have tipped social media over the edge. A tweet highlighting this "absurd scenario" in the 2:36 minute trailer has blown up with more than 26K Likes - with a lot of responses mentioning how it's driving them bonkers.

A lot of other responses have come up with all sorts of reasons as to why he might be doing this, what it might actually mean and others have come to his defence:

"I love playing Switch OLED in the hallway"

What's your own take on the above scene? Was it weird, or can you see yourself playing Pokémon on your Switch OLED (in the hallway) in the near future? Where do you normally play the Switch in your house? And is it in docked or handheld mode? Tell us what you think down below.