Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Image: Nintendo

One of the highlights in the world of Nintendo this week was the arrival of the Tekken fighter Kazuya in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Alongside him, Masahiro Sakurai revealed four brand new Mii Fighter outfits - one of them was Shantae, a character who has been requested by her respective fanbase for a long time now. If you missed it, co-creator Matt Bozon thanked fans everywhere for showing their support:

"BIG NEWS!! Shantae returns to Super #SmashBrosUltimate, this time as a downloadable Mii Fighter Costume + music track!! A huge thank you to @Sora_Sakurai, and to Shantae Fans everywhere for supporting your favorite Half-Genie Hero!!"

The celebrations of the Shantae Mii Fighter costume in Smash haven't stopped there. It seems one fan on Twitter known as @miiyouandmii2 has now gone to the extent of creating a Shantae-themed level. It's based on the lighthouse, which is Shantae's home. It's apparently even better with the included music tracks that come with this DLC Mii Fighter costume:

The ID code you'll need to download this level from the Smash Bros. online menu is: Q7M12YPL. And here's what the lighthouse looks like in the Shantae games, in case you were wondering:

We've also seen a cool recreation of Scuttle Town and a few other levels. Have you enjoyed playing as a Shantae Mii Fighter since her arrival earlier this week? How about the new fighter Kazuya? Leave a comment down below.