Pokemon Unite
Image: @hukuro_unagi

The new free-to-play game Pokémon Unite was released on the Nintendo Switch earlier this week. It's had a relatively smooth launch but it seems there are still some glitches that need to be fixed.

One, in particular, that's gone viral on Twitter - with over 25k 'Likes' at the time of writing, is an image of a butt naked Machamp:

It's unclear how common this bug is, but it's certainly got the attention of social media. As you can see, the trainer model has also glitched out. Textures and models not loading properly isn't exactly uncommon nowadays. The game Cyberpunk 2077 had similar but different issues on launch resulting in a bit of extra exposure.

While it might seem like Machamp is missing its underwear in the above photo, apparently not. As revealed by the official Pokémon website in 2015, these wrestling trunks are actually skin/markings on their bodies - so they're technically pantless.

Image: via Kotaku / The Pokémon Company

Have you encountered any glitches like this in Pokémon Unite? Leave a comment down below.

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