If your family's the sort who likes nothing more than to gather around the TV for some late-night quizzing (and lots of snacks, preferably), then Papa's Quiz should probably be on your radar.

The debut game from Stockholm-based developer Old Apes, Papa's Quiz boasts "thousands" of questions spread across 185 different categories and supports anywhere between one to eight players. Specially labelled 'Junior' categories help older and younger players enjoy the game together, and you'll find options to play in free-for-all and co-op style modes.

In a nice touch, you don't need eight Joy-Con to get everyone playing together; a QR code lets players use their smartphone as a controller without the need for any app to download.

"We built Papa’s Quiz with the Nintendo Switch system in mind and are really excited to release it onto the Nintendo eShop," says Old Apes CEO, Olov Lindberg. "We can’t wait to see the fun the Nintendo Switch community has with it!"

As mentioned above, the game launches today and is available for £8.99 / $9.99. Let us know if you'll be checking this one out with family and friends in the comments.