Switch OLED
Switch OLED's shiny new Joy-Con are easy on the eye, but will they suffer from the infamous Joy-Con drift?

Nintendo's latest Switch revision is just a few months away from release, with the super-slick Switch OLED model hitting stores on 8th October. Naturally, it'd make sense for gaming fans to hope that the new revision includes updated Joy-Con controllers that finally do away with the issue of Joy-Con drift, but Nintendo's latest statement on the matter isn't giving us any confidence.

As we already know, Nintendo has previously announced that the Joy-Con included with the Switch OLED "are the same as the controllers currently available." While this could be interpreted as being exactly the same, including everything from their appearance right down to the bothersome parts that cause Joy-Con drift, it could also mean that the new controllers are simply compatible with all of the same things, working in the same way as the originals but with potentially improved parts doing the job.

Perhaps that second possibility was just wishful thinking, though. The Verge – along with Wired, Polygon, GameSpot – put the question of Joy-Con drift to Nintendo; the question-dodging nature of the company's response probably tells us everything we need to know.

"Joy-Con controller configuration and functionality did not change with Nintendo Switch (OLED model)."

The Verge says, "...We didn’t ask about the 'configuration' or 'functionality,' as it was pretty clear from Nintendo’s announcement that the controllers would be the same. We asked about drift, which is a reliability issue. And when we asked the question again in an even clearer fashion, we were referred to the same statement."

It's not exactly a surprise, but if you were hoping for the new Joy-Con to finally be a bit more reliable, we're afraid you're probably out of luck.

Thanks to AJ1 for the tip!

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