No More Heroes 3 Aliens.JPG
Image: Marvelous! / Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes 3 is only a month away, but much of the promotion for the game in recent weeks has been targeting the Japanese market. Nintendo of Europe is now pitching in, though, with an 'Alien Superheroes?' trailer that introduces some of the wacky enemies Travis will take on.

It's not embedded above because it's age-gated (no doubt it'll be ripped and re-uploaded without one but that's not the point), so there's a bit of swearing and adult humour to bear in mind. It's a mature rated game so this isn't exactly surprising; if you want to watch it you'll need to head to its YouTube page and login.

It certainly shows that the new entry will retain the familiar surreal and wacky storytelling; some of these showdowns are sure to be fun. All a normal part of the 'garden of madness'.

Are you excited about No More Heroes 3 arriving next month?