Shigeru Miyamoto

Even after five years, Niantic's augmented reality game Pokémon GO remains popular as ever. It's not just avid trainers who are still obsessed with the game though.

During Nintendo’s 81st annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the heads of the company were asked what their favourite games were, and it seems in recent times the creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, is still enjoying the mobile take on Pokémon.

The main reason is his whole family and neighbourhood friends can get involved. Here's his full response, courtesy of Nintendo's official English translation:

"I basically tend to play the games I created myself, so I haven’t been influenced much by the games of other companies. That said, the first game that influenced me when I started the job of game development was Pac-Man, and from a design perspective, I think Tetris is wonderful. I’m currently hooked on Pokémon GO. This game, which I’m playing with my wife, is a dream come true of playing a game with my whole family. I’ve been enjoying Pokémon GO with my wife and neighborhood friends for some two years now. The average person playing Pokémon GO in Japan is probably around 60 years old."

For the same question, President Shuntaro Furukawa reflected on his junior high school years and how much he enjoyed Super Mario Bros. on the Famicom (NES). Nowadays, he spends time with various games from Nintendo and other companies.

Shinya Takahashi and Satoru Shibata also made reference to the Famicom years with Yuyuki - a lesser-known adventure game, and Shin Onigashima, while the director and senior executive officer, Ko Shiota, said he had been enjoying Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit with his kids.

Are you still as interested in Pokémon GO as Miyamoto is after all this time? Or do you prefer to play more traditional games? Leave a comment down below.

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