Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has revealed that following an update planned for Mario Kart Tour in September, some Android users may find that their phones are no longer compatible with the app.

In a post shared on social media earlier today, Nintendo said, "With the update scheduled for September, there will be a change in compatible Android devices. Afterward, the Mario Kart Tour game will not be playable on incompatible devices. Thank you for your understanding."

An in-game notification goes into more detail, confirming that after the update, Android phones must meet the following specs to remain compatible:

Devices with the following specifications:
- Android OS 5.0 or higher
- 1.5GB or more of RAM
- 64 bit CPU
- Please refer to the device brand's official site for device information.
- Due to specific circumstances, there may be some devices that are incompatible even if they meet the specification requirements above.
- More information on your specific device's operating system may be available soon.

The notice also goes on to share examples of some devices which will become incompatible, including the Huawei Honor 8A, Motorola Moto E6, G6, and G7 Play models, Samsung Galaxy A01, A02, A10, A11, and more.

This week, Mario Kart Tour kicked off its baseball-focused Los Angeles tour, complete with a fancy 'Pinch Hitter' kart.