While game delays have been an inevitability in recent times, occasionally we get a title a little early to balance things out. Upcoming Switch eShop release Dreamscaper is the latest game to do this; it's now due to arrive a week earlier on 5th August, which ties in with its upgrade to version 1.0 on Steam.

This is an action RPG roguelite, but before you tap 'next' because, let's be honest, lots of games fit that category, it's worth noting that this one is aiming for a slightly different approach to its story and systems. It blends very different daytime routines with battles at night, which could be an interesting twist; we had a brief chat with the developers as part of our E3 coverage.

Some further blurb is below:

Dream. Die. Wake. Repeat. Cassidy, a troubled young woman, finds herself stuck in a brutal cycle. Each night, her lucid dreams take her to strange and dangerous locations inhabited by creatures manifested from her fears and anxieties. Guide Cassidy through ever-changing dream dungeons, topple nightmarish enemies using an array of imaginative weapons and spells, and befriend a charming cast of characters during the waking hours to unlock powerful abilities.

The 1.0 launch of Dreamscaper contain’s Cassidy’s full story, with multiple endings and a dynamic difficulty slider. Two fearsome new bosses — Regret and Resentment — rear their ugly heads at launch, as well as an all-new dream environment to explore.

Are you interested in picking this up on Switch?