A good trend of recent years has been the increasing normality of cross-platform online multiplayer, helping ensure that whatever your system of choice you have a better chance of finding full lobbies. Crash Drive 3, from M2H, has launched today on Switch and across nine platforms - including PC stores, consoles and smart devices - to offer just that, with its promise of car chaos across a 'huge open world'.

As you can see in the trailer above it's a game that goes for crazy jumps, tanks and other shenanigans. Though multiplayer is clearly a focus it also promises single player options; it seems that you can either just explore and mess around or tackle structured challenges to advance your progress.

Below is some blurb from the press release explaining what it's all about.

Take the wheel and experience ridiculous fun in this cross-platform multiplayer, free-roaming game! Drive crazy vehicles including monster trucks, tanks, and more across a huge open world. Play online or in a fully featured single player. Level up, play events, earn cash, unlock new cars and discover secrets... Crash Drive 3 has everything fans loved in Crash Drive 2, turned up to 11 and with full cross-platform play between 9 different platforms - all releasing on the same day just as the fans desire!

There are five different areas of a huge open world to explore, with a variety of frequent competitive events that everyone in-game can join. Whether it’s a game of cops and robbers, attempting to tag the most scenery with stunts, or destroying a giant beach ball, it’s sure to be a wild time! There are even airborne tank battles to discover... and if you just want to ignore all that and goof around, that’s fine too!

It's on the eShop now and its standard price will be €16.99 / $19.99 / £14.99, but there is a launch discount of 25% so it's actually £11.24 at the moment on the UK store, as one example.

Are you tempted to try this out?