This week marks the release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms - we're big fans of the game by the way. As part of this release, Capcom has opened a survey that's available until 30th September, allowing fans to share their thoughts about this game and the series in general.

There are a lot of detailed questions asking for players' thoughts about the story, characters, voices, animations, image resolution and more. There are also some sections asking about your favourite video game series, parts where you can share your thoughts about the Ace Attorney series in written form, and questions asking if you would buy a new Great Ace Attorney game if it was released in the future.

If you do manage to complete it, you'll be rewarded with free themed wallpaper for your computer and mobile device. Here's what we had to say about Capcom's latest release in our review:

"The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is two brilliant games for the price of one, and it not only gives us more of what we love, but gives us something that is visually, narratively, and historically deeper than ever before. There's a bit of a learning curve that you'll have to get on top of to meet the game where it's at, but honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better version of the game we've been wanting for years."

So, what do you think of Great Ace Attorney Chronicles? Would you like to see more games based on this series released? Tell us down below.

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