Look away now if you want to play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles without knowing any of the plot details, because this news train is going all the way to Spoiler Town.

Just a week ahead of the double-feature game's launch in the West with a whole new localisation and a ton of special extras, Capcom has begun to post case teasers on their YouTube page.

Great Ace Attorney

The cases are posted out of order, so be careful — you might accidentally see the details of a case you won't get to until at least a few hours in. But if you don't mind a little teaser, the videos will give you the bare facts of each case: the crime, the accused, the defence lawyer (you), and some of the spicier details of the murder. Granted, it won't go into details, so you won't find out the twist or who actually done it, but still — spoiler territory indeed.

If you're up for a little bit of murder mystery titillation ahead of the game's release, check out the eight videos on Capcom Europe's YouTube page.